Considering present trend of off-loading the Operation & Maintenence (O&M) work to third perties through Maintenence Contracts, we have created our own group of experienced persons to undertake such work. As we are having experience in Erection, Testing & Commissioning veriuos Electrical installatons for more than a decade, Our O&M group is idealy capable to handle all type of O&M work to the entire satisfaction of our customer.
       IPPL has a separate group of highly experienced & trained personnel for Operation & Maintenence of various Electrical Installations who can take care of complete reposnsibilites from up to inventory of control.
Operation & Maintenance Service
     Our Services
  • O & M of DG Captive Plants
  • O & M of Outdoor Switchyards upto 400kV
  • O & M of Indoor Sub-station
  • Maintenance of Indoor & Outdoor Illumination System
  • Overhauling of Power Transformers of all sizes
  • Periodical calibration of Relays & Meters
  • Locating Cable faults and rectifying the same
  • Dehydration of Transformer Oil at Site
  • Breakdown maintenance of any Electrical Equipments
  • Routine Service of any Electrical Equipment
  • Maintenence of Overhead lines upto 33kV
  • Electrical Maintenence of Industries / Factories / Multistoried buildings / Townships.

     Salient Features
  • Study & Operational Requirments
  • Preparation of Routine Maintenance Schedule as per Manufacturers Recomendations.
  • Maintenance of Spares Inventory
  • Planning of Maintenance Schedule for minimum operation inturruption.
  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Preparation of Roster & Maintenance Personnel
  • Submission of Maintenance Reports.

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